EPL & PPL Testimonials

Bart de Ruigh
Voormalig COO SNS BANK

About RedZebra Leadership Journey
“This has been one of the most impactful leadership journeys ever attended. During the journey I have been able to create a clear focus based on my purpose in life including great insights to let go of my fears. I have made firm choices both professionally and personally. The wisdom, care and love I have experienced by the RedZebra Group as a team to guide me safe all through the process has been an astonishing experience. I recommend every executive to accept this gift. It is a life changing experience.”

Sean Hitchcock
IT executive RBS and Cap Gemini
Innovation Consultant start up Bootcamp

“Peter Paul I want to thank you and Hamid gratefully for this life-changing event. I have had the privileged to join many excellent training programs both with RBS and Capgemini where I have been employed for more than 10 years.
None of these programs have even come close to what I have experienced during the journey. Whenever you close your eyes at the end of your life you may refer to this life changing experience during the journey and say to yourself: “You made a difference in the Lives of many”. What a great job!
Whole heartedly THANKS”

Kata Herczog
Former Head of Marketing & Communication RBS
Head of brand experience Aegon Group.

“The Journey has given me clear direction (where I do want to go to) and insights (how do I get there). Professionally, Private and Personal. It has given me confidence in the future. I am able to rely on my own capabilities. Once you know what your purpose is in life, trust the process. New opportunities will emerge. It is the most precious gift I ever received in my life”.

Simone Lavicka -Wanzenbock
International banking Royal Bank of Scottland.
Strategy Lead – Ingenico e-Payments.

“Your programme was indeed an amazing journey, actually just the start of it.:-) I have a much better understanding of my purpose in life and what’s holding me back. Now I need the courage to make fundamental choices in life. Thanks again for this amazing experience!”
Simone Lavicka