Purposeful Personal Leadership

Since 2013, hundreds of leaders have taken part in our purposeful personal leadership programs. A leadership journey where you experience your ‘purpose’, your internal compass and the barriers that you yet need to deal with. In-company or an open program. Both are possible.

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What clients ask

I would like to experience and develop a deeper understanding of my Purpose. Can you also help me to master some of my limiting beliefs?

What clients say

With the whole management team we have participated in the 2 day Effective Personal Leadership Programme. By connecting thinking, feeling and acting, our individual purpose emerged. The approach is concrete, practical through individual and group reflection on your personal life and career. I have now described my purpose and understand how my compass gives me direction in my personal life and life as a business leader.

In a holistic, professional and inspiring way, the RedZebra Group have made us aware of our individual strength and team strength.

Caspert van der Wel, CEO Rabobank Gouwestreek

The Personal Leadership Journey of the Red Zebras honours its name! Firstly, it is a program where taking leadership over ‘my self’ takes a central position, rather than taking leadership over others. I experienced that because of this, the differences between the participants qua specific educational background or work environment are irrelevant. On the contrary, the diverse backgrounds and stage of life creates a hugely valuable variation of contribution. I would like to complement the three coaches for creating – in such a short time – an atmosphere of trust and connection, in which it was possible to share (what were at times) very personal stories without hesitation. I experienced the three days literally as a journey – a journey of exploration and discovery to define my personal compass. This was done through provocative exercises, tasks that required self-reflection and personal dialogue with fellow travellers. “Inspired, enriched and nourished” were the words that I used in summary at the end of this journey; which I experienced as a re-discovery of myself. My very great thanks!

Edwin Oei – Radiologist and University Lecturer, Erasmus MC Rotterdam

After 34 years of working with a great deal of pleasure and much variation in many parts of the world, I found myself at a crossroads in my life. What next? A difficult question! The RedZebra team helped me, in an almost playful way, to create a personal compass that allowed me to check plans and choices against what really matters to me. Ratio, intuition and emotion were challenged over the course of the three-day program and ensured that my values and goals where clear and substantial at the end of the program and also today; I know that I’m still on the right path. The enthusiastic and professional Red Zebra team, the convincing and clear structure and the motivated participants ensured that these were extraordinarily valuable days.

Hein Hilhorst Project Engineering Manager, Shell International