The RedZebra Group invites you to an Interactive Experiential Webinar

Igniting Organizational Purpose

The world of business today needs individuals and organizations truly living their Purpose. When this happens, purpose is like a Magic Power that literally ignites and lights up an organisation. Finding true purpose is a journey of discovery…….. in connection with one’s individual purpose; in relationship with each other and in connection with the Soul (the Essence) of the organisation.

What if….?  We could ignite Organizational Purpose? What if …. we could unleash the inherent creativity in teams and organizations that we lead? What if… people would fully step into their purpose and bring this energy into their teams and organisation?

To share the Red Zebra journey of discovery; to hear what we’ve discovered about this journey, what it takes and what it creates for an organization….

Please join our interactive Webinar (where we will also share amazing Client stories of the impact of igniting true organizational purpose).

Yes, I will join Igniting Organizational Purpose - 7 Oktober 16.00 - 17.30.

We are living in a time of extraordinary change. A time when every individual, business, industry and government is being impacted by breakthroughs in computing power, connectivity, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and other innovative technologies. 

Klaus Schwab Chairman World Economic Forum

Covid19 has only magnified this as we see each weakness in collective systems come rushing to the forefront

 It’s time to pause, and reflect on new ways of being and working together

 It’s time to tap into the infinite potential of who we really are as human beings and who we can be as leaders in our organizations.