Organisational development

In co-creation with key players we develop programs with organisations that attend to the undercurrent and the above the surface dynamics. Objective: create alignment between People, Purpose and Performance.  Everyone feels engaged, is moving in the same direction and has pleasure in work.

Sometimes only a few short powerful interventions are sufficient, nothing more is necessary. What  limiting beliefs are inbedded in the organisations and holding it back? Our interventions bring new perspectives closer by and break through barriers

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What clients say

 “Our work with RZG created tremendous organisational support which enabled strategic breakthrough to be formulated from the bottom-up. Important projects have begun which are now being carried out through many layers of the organisation. In the beginning there was expected resistance – also during the process itself – but we were able to work with this and transform it into a powerful movement. Because of this we have realised an acceleration both in leadership development and strategically”

Harald Naus – CEO Cardano

‘We have embarked on an incredible journey with The RedZebra Group, who were selected after a thorough selection process to give guidance on Strategy, Structure & Culture. The challenges are tremendous. A merger involving 3 hospitals and 20 nursing homes. The challenge: how to engage and align 6500 employees, to create a new culture, a future that everyone wants and for which everyone feels ownership.’

Marcel Kuin – President Board of Directors Treant Zorggroep