Strategic Alignment

Strategische uitlijning is dé voorwaarde voor betere bedrijfsprestaties. En niet een beetje beter, maar heel veel beter. Performance naar een volgend niveau tillen: het is in essentie de leiderschapsopdracht van de CEO.

To align or not to align?

In samenwerking met S-Ray Diagnostics lichten we organisaties gericht door. Op welke plekken is de strategische samenhang sterk, voldoende of onvoldoende? En wat is de oorzaak? Zo weten we welke interventies op welke niveau het meeste effect zullen hebben. Maatwerk dat we samen met u maken én implementeren.

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Wat klanten zeggen over S-Ray Diagnostics

The alignment work at Unilever Food Solutions was a big success with unprecedented involvement and co-creation…. As a result, the strategic plans are stronger and the commitment level is high. We completed the bulk of the work by early June and now teams are refining for final sign off in mid July. The alignment experience with S-ray helped the Global Executive Team design an approach that really engaged the full team of leaders across our MCO’s.

David Calle, CFO of Unilever Food Solutions (2012-2014)

The S-ray Scan helped us to take time to strategize, to reflect and evaluate and to engage all of us in a discussion about our strategy. An open dialogue and mutual trust are key to this end. The S-ray Scan evoked precisely this, and stimulated us in a very pleasant manner to make our different view-points clear and to actually talk about this among our 250 managers and directors, with respect for each and everyone’s opinion. I appreciate this experience as the first, successful step in an ongoing process in which we will involve the larger organization. By doing so, we will furthermore sharpen and share our strategic focus, making sure that we set the same priorities and work towards the same goals as one Douane. Our cooperation with S-ray stems directly from the need we felt to have more focus. By improving our organization internally, with a sharp and shared focus on our strategic goals, I’m convinced that we will strengthen our organization externally, which happens to be our leading motto.

ALY VAN BERCKEL | CEO of Douane Nederland – Customs Administration of the Netherlands.