• S-Ray Diagnostics.
    S-Ray Diagnostics is an independent knowledge company of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Founded in 2011 it is specialised in questions of strategic alignment. An S-Ray Scan reveals Alignment and enables executives to improve alignment. Research shows that business performance is for the most part determined by the degree of alignment. The goal of S-Ray diagnostics is to bring this research into practice in order to unleash the Power of Alignment in every organisation. Curious to know more?  Click here.  
  • Christian Kromme.
    Christian Kromme was an innovative tech-entrepreneur for 15 years until he discovered the DNA behind disruptive innovation and how to use this to predict the next big wave of technological disruption. Now Christian is one of the most in-demand futurist keynote speakers, speaking in front of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders and policymakers about the radical impact of disruptive technologies on humans and organisations. Curious to know more? Click here.
  • Oxford Leadership.
    Oxford Leadership is a globally operating leadership consultancy that supports multinationals achieve sustainable change for the good within a complex constantly changing external environment. The ultimate goal is to realise sustainable performance that brings, ‘purpose, people and strategy’ into balance. RedZebra Group has 5 certified Strategic Partners of Oxford Leadership
  • Semler Instituut.
    We want everyone to be able to be productive and to work with satisfaction; to find a healthy balance between work and private life. And at the same time we want to help organisations achieve sustainable profit.Semco-Style organisations make this possible by wisely organising around the people instead of intelligently around structures and processdures. They treat their staff as adults, place people above business practice and see freedom and self-interest as the basis for collective direction. Semco-Style organisations also perform better in practice than traditional organisations.  This philosophy is based on the 30 years experience of Ricardo Semler. RedZebra Partner Azwin Ressang is one of the Lead Trainers of the Semler Institute
  • Frank Roos. Roos & van de Werk (Rotterdam) is the marketing and communication bureau for positioning, branding and communication strategy. We work together because they know that Intention, Identity and Image are inderdependent and are expressed as a trinity in communication and positioning. Curious to know more? Click here.
  • Richard Barret Values.
    The Barrett Values Center measures values, culture and consciousness awareness. A worlwide network of 4000 consultants and change managers, offer tools whereby leaders can measure the culture of their organisation and lead them to sustainable results. The RedZebra group has 6 certified CTT (Corporate Transformation Tools) consultants