September 14, 2018

RedZebra Group proudly presents an exploration into your…


“As global transformation accelerates, individuals and organizations are called to participate in creating a new world. Many institutions and structures that once served society well are now outdated and in desperate need of change. The awareness of this fundamental global shift is increasing over time” – Tim Kelley

“We are entering an era where exponential technologies like deep neural networks and deep learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence in the cloud) enable organizations to learn and adapt in real-time and develop empathic and even social and humanlike capabilities” – Christian Kromme

Join the Zebras on September 14th when we will host a day together with Tim Kelley of the True Purpose Institute and Christian Kromme of the Humanification Institute. Together with leaders across many sectors we will explore a purpose-filled future.

Considering questions such as:

▪ How does finding your purpose (as an individual and as an organization) anchor and guide you in a VUCA world?

▪ How can purpose become the organizing principle for a future that you want to create?

Be prepared! This will be a highly experiential and interactive day. You are encouraged to bring all of your experience & knowledge and above all your imagination, intuition and questions.

Business, industry and government is being impacted by breakthroughs in computing power, connectivity, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and other innovative technologies. This is a revolution without boundaries, spreading across the world with incredible velocity.

Klaus Schwab, Chairman, World Economic Forum


Visionary Thinker, Futurist Keynote Speaker and Author

Christian’s is an expert in disruptive technologies and the author of the Amazon best-selling book ‘Humanification – Go Digital, Stay Human’. In this book, Christian focuses on the fascinating parallels between biology and technology. The waves of technological innovations that follow each other in rapid rate are in fact no coincidence … The book Humanification helps managers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and investors anticipate and navigate in an extremely rapidly changing world.


Founder and Visionary Leader of the True Purpose® Institute. 

Tim is a global change agent who works with top leaders in many fields and countries to transform human institutions and evolve society. He helps executives, politicians and organizations to become potent and capable creators of change. Tim’s methodology, True Purpose, has been featured internationally in magazines, newspapers and on television.


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10.00 – 17.00 Rotterdam

€ 393,18 (excl. VAT) including drinks & lunch.

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