How do you develop your organisation into a robust eco system that remains successful in a fast changing world? How can you use the ‘Magic’ embedded in people and teams to achieve sustainable results? How will you as leader fulfil your potential?

The RedZebra Group was founded in 2006 to help organisations develop the kind of leadership required to navigate successfully in a continuously changing society (VUCA world).

We ask different kinds of questions; searching for the real needs behind the questions. This way we help individuals and organisations to stand in their own power.

We support through creating ‘alignment’ throughout the organisation, tearing plans off the page to bring the written word to life. We make the invisible, visible and the intangible, tangible. We combine the hard and the soft, the above the surface dynamics with the undercurrent and the map with real life lived experience.

In this way you are able to sustainably make a difference and to create something that is lasting. To get the merger back on track; to kick start the reorganisation; to successfuly implement the innovation trajectory. We can also support you enhancing employability, team performance and autonomy.

Our Mission:

Aligning People, Purpose and Performance.

We help employees, leaders and organisations create sustainable performance. Engaged, resilient and agile.