What our clients ask of us

  • We’re merging. Can the RedZebra group support our leadership team during the merger process?
  • Can the RedZebra group help us to better understand and improve our team dynamics?
  • We are an international leadership team that wants to develop and implement a number of leadership principles. Can the RedZebra group support us with this?
  • Can the RedZebra group help to improve our innovation capacity?

This is what we do

We make culture, attitude and team dynamics concrete such that this (intangible) domain becomes responsive and influenceable. We create a space of safety in which participants feel heard, where information can flow freely allowing better and supported decisions to be taken. This is a customised approach, because no two teams are the same. This can be a short catalytic impulse. Or via a tailor-made program.

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What our clients are saying

The RedZebra Group helped the management team transform our business during difficult market situations. Their sharp eye for vital behavior re-energized our department helping us to realize that transformation begins with self. We then re-established strategic direction for the team and went on to engage coworkers in the transformation of our department

Peter den Engelse, Director Customer Finance- T Mobile