Millennials and Purpose

The Millennial Journey

We have been successfully developing Journeys for over a decade for different organisations, teams and individuals. Now, we focus on our new generation and the challenges they face growing up in this day and age. We have adjusted the already proven and successful ‘Effective Personal Leadership‘ program especially for this group. This was done based on state-of-the-art knowledge, professional guidance and deep-dive exercises that help the ‘source’ emerge in each individual.

With the tools this program provides, the leaders of tomorrow can discover themselves in an essential phase of their lives where choices form the heart of their experience. To make this possible, we have welcomed a new (millennial) consultant to our team: Dunya Ressang.

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The Millennial Journey is a program of two and a half days for self-discovery, directed at millennials that are struggling with finding their true purpose, developing personal leadership or are in a phase of their lives where life-balance choices are a central factor, whether those are personal, private or professional. We at The RedZebra Group believe that we can guide organisations, educational institutions and individual millennials by helping this generation discover a newfound grip in today’s VUCA* world

*Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous

What do millennials say?

“Dunya was able to pinpoint exactly all the questions that I had been struggling with for many years. When you have (almost) finished your degree, there is a world full of opportunity. There is a world full of choices, which was overwhelming to me. With the guidance of Dunya and the highly skilled facilitators of the Red Zebra Group I was able to make a deep dive into myself.

During the Millenial Journey I had to opportunity to really get to know myself. Why am I here? A very existential question if you ask me. What do I really want? What brings me joy? How to combine that all in my daily life?

I feel so humbled that I had the opportunity to join the Journey. Looking back on the experience, I have learned so much. There has been a huge shift in how I live my life on a day-to-day basis. I was able to deal with my bad habits, I am able to see the future that I grant myself. I know why I wake up every morning and why anyone should care!

Thank you Dunya and the Red Zebra Group for being able to create a practical “grip” for such complex questions!”

“The Millennial Journey is the right coaching approach for the right time. Corporate culture is shifting from hierarchical, rigid structures to empowered, intrinsically motivated contributors. We know this. Yet as leaders we often neglect building the necessary emotional intelligence and awareness in ourselves and others to proactively act on this shift. Peeling back layers, the coaches help you discover the essence of what you stand for and what type of leader you want to be – for yourself and for others.”

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